Terms and Conditions

  • 1. No Guardians or Students/Teachers of the tuitions provided are verified by www.helplinetutor.com team therefore Guardians/Teachers must conduct verification with each other in her/his own responsibility (also collect documents if required). Helpline Tutor(EDUCAREIO) team just match Teachers and students as per the requirements.
  • 2. Teachers/Guardians or students should maintain proper behaviour and manners towards each others.
  • 3. Under any circumstances guardians discontinue with the teachers, Helpline Tutor(EDUCAREIO) team will not be held responsible for that, as Helpline Tutor(EDUCAREIO) team is only a connection of teachers and guardians or students.
  • 4. Helpline Tutor(EDUCAREIO) team will always strive to provide best tuitions to all our Students/Teachers on regular wise as per the need.
  • 5. If any teachers or guardians/Students are found malfunctioning with payments, their data and profile will be immediately deleted from Helpline Tutor(EDUCAREIO) database so no further work will be done with him/her.
  • 6. No teachers or guardians/students are allowed to contact / communicate directly before Helpline Tutor(EDUCAREIO) team discloses the contact information.
  • 7. If guardians/students complain about teaching, Helpline Tutor(EDUCAREIO) team will replace the teacher with a more suitable teacher as per the best service committed to the guardians/students.
  • 8. Teachers need to submit a duly signed identity documentation and highest educational certificate. (as per norms of Helpline Tutors(EDUCAREIO) Team)
  • 9. Teachers and Students connect through our portal only. So no direct contact information from either guardians/students or teachers is allowed in our portal .Everywhere only Helpline Tutor(EDUCAREIO) admin contact info will be shown as per our policy.
  • 10. All information or documents that you submit with Helpline Tutor(EDUCARIO) remains only with us and is not shared with any third party.
  • 11. All teachers and Students/ Guardians are strictly advised not to get involved in any illegal / fraudulent activities.
  • 12.We have FREE REGISTRATION option for all Teachers and Students/Parents.
  • 13. We have two options for Teachers :
  • A) FREE REGISTRATION (The collection procedure will be intimated by our support team)
  • B) MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION ( 600 Rupees for 6 months)(The collection procedure will be intimated by our support team)
  • C) MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION ( 1000 Rupees for 1 Year)(The collection procedure will be intimated by our support team)
  • D) The Membership Rules are applied only for West Bengal region. For others region it will be discussed.
  • 14. All Payments may be collected through Pay tm,Phonepe,Google pay,online banking and cash.
  • 15. If any teacher is terminated either from the parents end or leave by themselves due to whatsoever reason in the first month still the payment of one month tuition fees is applicable.
  • 16. If any teacher leaves in the 2nd month but does not complete the entire month cycle still the tuition fees (50%) for the number of days attended has to be paid to us. (This point is applicable only if teacher leaves at his/her discretion)
  • 17. If teacher is drawing advance tuition fees but does not complete the entire month cycle then they will have to refund the balance tuition fees to the student/parents. (If teachers fail to abide by this rule then strict legal action may be taken from parent end.
  • 18. The teachers are not our employees and we are only the connection for online teacher/ student search.


* Only after all documentation and payments leads will be provided.
* Kindly contact our support team for further queries.

General rules

The website www.helplinetutor.com (EDUCAREIO) has been established to allow students to contact Tutors as well as Tutors to contact Students to view their profiles.

A Tutor acknowledges that he is not an employee of www.helplinetutor.com and accepts full responsibility for all Income Tax and other liabilities payable in relation to any fees generated from a tuition contract.

We do not issue any experience certificate to our registered members.

www.helplinetutor.com is not responsible for any misbehaviour of Tutors on Students or Students on Tutors. Both students and tutors, especially female students/tutors are advised to ensure safety measures before entering the tutoring contract with the other party. Helpline Tutor is not liable for loss of any kind whatsoever.

Helpline Tutor is just an online marketplace where tutors and institutes can advertise their services.


Helpline Tutor does not guarantee
the tutoring quality and style as a
tutor. Students acknowledge that it
is his/her responsibility to verify the
credentials and qualifications of any
tutor with whom s/he enters into or
proposes to enter into a tuition

We are not involved in any kind of
interactions that takes place
between the tutors and students,
and hence is not liable for any
dispute or disagreement or
misinterpretations or arguments
arising between the parents /
students and the tutors.

parents / students and the Tutors
are however free to take feedback
and suggestions from us to solve
the issue amicably.

If you have any questions about this User Agreement or if you wish to report breaches of this User Agreement, or want to delete your enrolment please contact by emailing us at info@helplinetutor.com or call us @ 9073809167.